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Suffolk ewes for sale

- Occasionally we will have surplus to requirement Suffolk ewes of various ages for sale. Contact us for availability.

Suffolk ewe Values

- We regularly get inquiries as to the value of Suffolk ewes. Interested buyers should be aware that these are stud ewes and therefore attract a higher value than commercial ewes.

Val d'Or Suffolks current values - January 2016 - Excluding GST

- Older cast for age Ewes - $140 (price negotiable depending on age)

- Ewe Lambs - $150

Note: Ewes for sale are surplus to requirement

 - Suffolk ewes will only be sold to those willing to collect them

Handling Suffolk sheep

- Being strong and aggressive animals, handling them should be done slowly, calmly and with care.

- Sturdy well built yards and fences are recommended.

- Should a Suffolk sheep escape by itself, more of its own kind should be released with it. This will calm the escaped animal and should make it easier to round up.

Contact Andy for further details and up to date prices - See Contact Us
All prices quoted exclude GST and are a guide only, prices may vary depending on season.

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