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Purchasing your Rams

High index rams improve flock profitability

High Index Rams = Increased lamb performance

Is personal inspection necessary to select the Suffolk rams I would like to buy?

- While most buyers prefer to inspect and select their own Rams, they can be selected for you and sent unsighted based on your selection criteria.
We can provide a list of S.I.L BV's from which you can make your selection.

  • S.I.L have information leaflets for help with selecting rams. Click here

S.I.L Genetic Trend Graphs

2015 Graphs - Click here - This will open a new window, close the window to return.
Viewed as PDF file - 107kb

  • Click here for an example on using Performance Data to pick the best sheep

Categories &
Prices of Rams
Year - 2017
All prices quoted exclude GST

Performance Line  -$750
The best all-round rams used by farmers wanting high performance, based on S.I.L Stat's, Conformation & Appearance.

Prime Line  - $600
Prime lamb producing rams.


Contact Jace for more details - See Contact Us

Ram orders
 - Orders from 1st November 2017

 Sold Out 2016/17

- Orders by Email

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