The Stud History

- Val d'Or is French for "Valley of Gold"

Registered Flock # 868
(Previous Flock # 670 - P.E.C. & L.A. Jackson; Val d'Or Suffolk Partnership)

Val dOr Suffolks 

 1985 - Founded by Philip & Louise Jackson. Philip was an enthusiastic Suffolk Breeder, making appearances wherever Suffolk Sheep assembled.

Philip was at the forefront of introducing American bloodlines into the NZ Suffolk. He was joined in partnership by Derek Daniel (Wairere Romney's) in 1991, together they imported 3 (75%) American Blood Rams and 100% American Blood Semen from Australia.
The input of American blood created significant positive directions for breeders to look into.
Tragically, Philip died in 1996.


 1997 - Jeremy Hodson purchased the stud. A long time neighbour and friend of Philip's, Jeremy had always had an interest in the workings of the stud.

Continuing the policy of producing fast growth rate, lean sires suitable for today's markets, Jeremy further introduced imported Suffolk Ram semen from other top NZ & Australian Suffolk producer's, building the Stud to a impressive level of quality and up to 395 ewes to the ram in 2001.

 2001 - Andy & Brigie Sims buy a 50% share of the stud.

 June 2003 - Andy & Brigie purchased the remaining 50%.
Andy has a background in Suffolks Studs, with family and relatives involved in various individual Suffolk studs. Looking after the Val d'Or Stud during the change over from Philip to Jeremy, then later purchasing the half share in 2001, Andy further developed his interest in Suffolk Sheep.
From 2003 the Stud size was reduced from 390 ewes down to 220 ewes. Only the very best ewes based on conformation, individual history and most importantly their S.I.L rankings. This has provided an excellent base from which to further enhance the ever improving genetics' of Val d'Or Suffolks.

 April 2016 - Jace & Todd Heynes purchase 100% of the stud. Stud flock was reduced in size from 190 to 150. As in 2003 only the best ewes have been retained. Jace has a keen interest in continuing the genetic performance, producing terminal sires that farmer clients demand.


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