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Breeding Criteria


- Advancing Sire potential using measured genetic traits.
The only aspect of a sires performance that will influence its offspring, is its breeding (its genes).
S.I.L is used to provide the performance data required by our Clients.
For more info on S.I.L - see below


- Stock must live and survive a challenging Environment.
All stock must prove their worth in this difficult environment providing us with a natural selection process.

Questions -

  • Should stud stock be grown in an easy un-challenging environment?

  • Does a challenging environment breed superior animals?

S.I.L Genetic Trend Graphs

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Size & Scale
Year - 2016

- Ewes to the Ram = 192

  • MA Ewes - 110 to Ram

  • 2TH Ewes -  43 to Ram

  • Ewe Hoggets - 39 to Ram

Current Stud Sires - Rams put to the Ewes - 12/04/2016

Val d'Or 159/10 (TN)(tw) (FS 1.2) - Sire = Waimotu 955/08
Val d'Or 238/11 (TN)(tw) - Sire = Goldstream 264/09

Goldstream 143/12 (TP) - Sire = Collie Hills 21/09
Val d'Or 207/15 (FS 2.3)- Sire = Goldstream 143/12

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For Sire History back to 2001, including full sire pedigree's refer to
'Past Val d'Or Sires' -
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Key to Abbrev's
(tw) = Twin
(TP) = Tested Pedigree for Spider Syndrome
(TN) = Tested Normal for Spider Syndrome
(F.---) = Registered Flock Number
(FS #-#) = Foot Score - 1 = Lowest possibility of foot issues | 5 = Highest possibility of foot issues

Val d'Or S.I.L # - 165

S.I.L - The only aspect of a sires performance that will influence its offspring, is its breeding (its genes).

The best way to measure a sires genetic potential is to measure the individual traits together with its complete family history. For this intensive task we use the Sheep Improvement Ltd (S.I.L) Genetic Engine.
See the S.I.L. Website for more info - Click here

All Stud stock are performance recorded using S.I.L.
The main recorded trait groups are -

  • Weaning Weight BV (WWTBV)

  • Live Weight 8 BV (LW8BV)(Live weight at 8 months)

  • Eye Muscle Area (EMABV)

  • Lean Weight BV (LEANBV)

  • Fat Weight BV (FATBV)

  • Lamb Survival BV (SURBV)

From these trait groups, S.I.L creates several other groups

  • Terminal Sire Overall (TSO)

  • Terminal Sire Growth (with meat) (TSGm)

  • Terminal Sire Meat (with growth) (TSMg)

  • Terminal Sire Survival (TSS)


    For more information about Breeding Values (BVs) refer to Explanation of BV - Click Here

Frequently asked Questions about S.I.L

1. Why is this small ram rated more highly for growth than that large ram I want to buy? Id never buy a small ram when growth of my lambs is so important.

2. I want to improve lambing percentage and I only buy twin-born rams. Someone told me this was wrong. How can a single-born ram be any good?

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Purchasing Val d'Or
Suffolk Rams

Click here for an example on using Performance Data to pick the best sheep.

  • How do I select a Suffolk ram using the S.I.L TSO Index's, BV's

  • How can I identify a really good Val d'Or Suffolk ram?

  • Is personal inspection necessary to select the Suffolk rams I would like to buy?

For the answers go to Purchasing Rams - Click Here

'Hybrid vigour' - "an important factor - use it as much as possible"
See "400 Plus - A guide to Improved Lamb Growth" Edited by Peter Kerr. Published by N.Z. Sheep Council


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